October Surprise

  1. 1
    The Unreality Show
  2. 3
    Dangerous Flowers
  3. 4
    March For Your Lives
  4. 6
    What Will It Take
  5. 7
    One For All, All For One
  6. 8
    One Step Past The Bitter End
  7. 9
    Changing Of The Guard

Here is an offering of songs to get you through the political season. It's still early in the month at publication, and there have been plenty of surprises so far, with likely more to come. As with my debut album, this was recorded at Gizmo Recording Studio in Silver Spring, MD. And also, as on the first album, it is greatly enhanced with contributions from son Peter. Listen to 'Dangerous Flowers', 'What Will It Take', and 'Changing Of The Guard' for his most notable contributions in the form of guitar solos. Father and son take turns on drums and bass, and dad lays down the rhythm guitar and vocals, and other guitar work. These songs were originally conceived as part of a Rock Opera, which may yet come to a fruition, with your support. So become a subscriber and co-creator!

Alex T.

The lyrics are a little muffled. I think I was wearing a mask. This is my favorite set of lyrics on the album. "There's a day coming long fought for and broadly sought for." Election day! There's really a lot packed into this one. Hope, disappointment, betrayal, reconciliation... It's a whole life's journey.

Alex T.

No one would let me add more tracks to this. I guess they think it's perfect? I think it needs a Calypso band.

Alex T.

I left some space at the end and asked for a searing guitar solo. He did about six takes. We took the first one.

Alex T.

I wrote this song a while ago ... added the verse about masks the weekend that Trump got the Covid as an afterthought.

Alex T.

I was thinking after recording this that instead of repeating "I make no excuse", etc., to change it to "I meant what I said ... we shat the bed."

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