The Unreality Show

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    The Unreality Show
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The Unreality Show

Once upon a time, sleep came over the land

No-drama Obama was so boring and so bland

The nation rose up and decided to burn things down

Give us Barrabas they said, the rudest dude around

Bread and circus, internet and cable TV

So much more exciting than bland reality


Welcome to the Unreality Show

The goal of the game is to see how low we can go

The drama plays out on millions of TV screens

Fox and Friends over here, over there CNN and MSNBC


Welcome to the Unreality Show

Stay tuned so

You know which way this thing goes

In this corner, who tonight is Bob Mueller going to indict

In the other, the counter-punching kangaroo court puts on a phony fight


You may be confused at first

It might be enough to make you swoon

Heads-of-state act like children

Porn stars are the adults in the room

Republicans love Russians,

Liberals are a fan of the F.B.I.

The absurdity is enough to make you laugh

More likely to make you cry

The blizzard of news is designed for us all to turn a blind eye

To what's really happening in broad daylight as democracy dies.


Welcome to the Unreality Show

You win the game when anything you say goes

Paint your foes as the Enemies of the State

And gin up your support with bickering, division and hate


Welcome to the Unreality Show

Fix Your Eyes On the flickering TV Screen’s glow

Watch the whole planet descend into a fevered dream

As we succumb to the mirage of the phony two-dimensional scene


Welcome to the Unreality Show (repeat, echo, fade out)


Alex T.

This was supposed to be the Overture to a Rock Opera with the same name. I decided I better just get down the bulk of the songs I had for that. Hopefully I'll still pick up the project. I'm not sure what's entailed. So of course I wanted to go with a Who vibe, and at least 1 person picked up on that, so I'm happy. (Same person also said Kinks - and then I realized the fadeout at the end is a little like 'Waterloo Sunset').